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Here's Why Hiring a Content Strategist is the Safest Investment You Can Make

Updated: Mar 27

When it comes time to grow your business and take it to the next level, you'll have to decide what's worth investing in, and what you can do by yourself. It's so hard to escape all the advertisements online, people offering to help you do this and that, as well as all the blog posts telling you what you should and shouldn't be doing in order to maximize profits.

But, how can you possibly make the right investment? How can you know really where your money should be going? It's all so overwhelming!

All this considered, if there's only one thing you can afford to invest in at the moment, it should 100% be the help of a content strategist.

Here's why:

Because Content Alone Drives Traffic

To get exposure to any business, you need to drive traffic in some capacity. It doesn't matter if you're trying to sell a product, a service, or you have a blog that you want people to follow. To achieve any of these goals, you need to let people know what you're offering. Most importantly, they need to know that you exist.

This all starts with creating content that will lead people to your website. Maybe they don't know about you or your website, but maybe they saw a post, a video, an eBook, or a brochure being shared online. Whether the content is the driving force itself, or, it leads the reader to a landing page on your site (which is, of course, another form of content), this type of inbound marketing means the work is getting done for you.

If you hire a content strategist to come up with different methods to drive traffic to your website through content — and they handle every part of that — then, you can sleep while the leads come to you.

"The money you invest in a content strategist will quickly pay for itself with all the leads you'll be bringing in and eventually converting."

Because Content Automatically Adds Value to Your Business

Websites and business that do not have some form of content on their pages — or, as I like to say, "websites without words" — are doing themselves a huge disservice. People find out information by seeing it, reading it, hearing it, and absorbing it. If you don't have words or content on your website, then how will people learn about who you are and what you're offering?

Having a content strategy for your business will be a way for you to provide value not only for your business, but to those who are seeing the content. Content is an opportunity to share important information with potential leads, without giving away too much for free.

But, since you're an insider, you need someone on the outside that can differentiate between what's actually valuable and what's plain obvious to your audience.

Because Content Has the Power to Convert Leads

Content is so powerful, that this one thing alone can actually convert leads. There are not many other aspects of marketing that have that same potential. Sure, you can create ads or an email marketing campaign, but, what's the main component of both of those?


Marketing and sales teams or CEOs of start-up businesses will find themselves using content every step of the way, whether they're launching an entire marketing campaign or trying to connect with past customers. They may not even realize that they are using it.

Having a way with words — for example, an elevator speech — was how people used verbal content to sell back in the day. Now, you're just taking that online. The money you invest in a content strategist will quickly pay for itself with all the leads you'll be bringing in and eventually converting.

Because Having Some Content is Better Than No Content

There really is no reason not to have content in some form for your business. Of course, when I say that having some content is better than having no content at all, what I really mean is that content can at least do something to bring in leads. Obviously, if you're content looks like a middle schooler wrote it, then it's probably better to do without it. But, if you've got an expert to take care of all of that for you, you can spend time doing other jobs that are just as crucial the growth of your business.

Because a Content Strategist is Worth It

Of all the products and services that you're encouraged to invest in in order to grow your business, the only one that can actually guarantee at least some results is that of a content strategist.

I know, I'm biased.

But, content truly is King (or, Queen, in my case!), and it's the basis of everything else that you will do in your business. Hiring a content strategist is not a huge investment, especially when you think about what you'd be getting in return.

Whether it's to add blog articles to your site, create content for marketing campaigns or freebies for your leads, or to get your business noticed by others in the industry, a content strategist can do all this and more. If you want to learn how, contact Hana LaRock Writing today!

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