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Who is Hana?

In 1st grade, my class was given a writing assignment. Before we went to our desks, my teacher went over best practices for writing with us. She asked us, "And, if you don't know how to spell a word, what can you do?" to which the entire class replied in unison...


"Ask Hana."





















Fast forward to my first year out of college, I was teaching English in South Korea when an opportunity came up to write about my experiences there. Soon after publishing my first piece, I landed more gigs in the travel niche. I was so excited to see my name in print, I didn't mind that I was only getting paid in exposure.


But, I did start looking writing gigs on the ancient platform known as Elance, and thought, "Hey, maybe I have something here." At first, I wrote mostly blogs, but I was eager to take on other content writing and eventually copywriting opportunities. So, I said "yes" to just about everything, until I found my niche —which as it turns out, is a little bit of everything! From writing email campaigns and sales pages, to eBooks, guides, marketing materials, SEO content, web copy, and more — there was nothing I wasn't willing to try — even technical writing, datasheets, and API snippets.

Due to my decade in the field, I've also been able to — on top of content writing, journalism, editing, and copywriting — transition into the consulting side of things, with content strategy and management. I now advise clients on best approach to content strategy, while helping to create, implement, and execute the full life cycle of an editorial calendar along with other writing/copywriting tasks.


I have overseen a team of writers, taking the lead on projects that have helped my clients to see results in driving traffic to their site, selling more products, and bringing in more leads. I also support clients who have in-house teams, but need additional writing support.

My career has allowed me the freedom and flexibility to work from anywhere (or, rather, everywhere, since freelancers don't often take vacations), and I've done just that. Since that first year living in Korea with my now-husband, Max, I have lived in three other countries and have traveled to over 40. I am now a new mom to our daughter, Mika. When I'm not working, I enjoy journaling, cooking, reading, and used book sales. 

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