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Copywriting Brief Template

Copywriting is not for the faint-of-heart; or the business professional who just needs to get it done. The problem is, even if you hire a solid writer to do it for you, how can you ensure they write the way you imagine it?


I get it. You've got a fantastic idea for your next marketing project, but you just can't seem to get your vision across to your copywriter. Miscommunications, endless back-and-forths, and unsatisfactory results have left you frustrated and doubting the whole process. And, not to mention spending a lot of money along the way.


As an experienced copywriting professional, I've seen it all—clients who can't articulate their needs, projects that go off the rails, and missed deadlines. 

The thing is, all it takes is just a little support to help you help us. 

This comprehensive template is designed to help you:

✓ Outline your project goals and expectations

✓ Clearly communicate your target audience and desired tone and brand messaging

✓ Provide guidance on CTAs, keywords, and SEO optimization

✓ Establish deadlines and deliverables to keep your project on track

✓ Determine an appropriate rate

✓ Manage expectations with the writer 

This copywriting brief template isn't just a valuable tool for DIY copywriting projects in-house or handing off to a writer. If you need some guidance on your copywriting strategy altogether, this copywriter brief template is also the perfect guide for consultation calls with professional copywriters.


By using this template as your starting point, you'll ensure that both you and your copywriter have a clear understanding of your project's objectives, requirements, and desired outcomes.


The result? A smoother collaboration, less wasted time, and copy that truly reflects your vision.

Whether you're working on landing pages, ebooks, blog posts, or email marketing campaigns with different CTAs, our template has you covered. And since it's crafted with an engaging and conversational tone, you'll find it easy to connect with your copywriter and build a productive working relationship.

So, what are you waiting for? Download our free copywriting brief template now by entering your email below. Once you receive the link to the document in your inbox, read the instructions and customize as you wish. 

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